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Statutory & Voluntary Inspection

GTI has diverse range of inspection services for entire project life cycle from new construction phase until the maintenance and decommissioning of the asset.

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Testing (NDT) & Advanced NDT

Our advanced solutions using the latest technology by solving the complex problems, enhancing inspection quality, and speed up the time

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Training & Consultancy

Equip your team with the vital training or consultancy they need to remain at the top of their profession.

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Experienced & Qualified Personnel

We offer an experienced, qualified and competent personnel in various international recognition

About us

"It is not unusual to do an inspection and find someting need correction " - Sharon Watson

GTI was established since 2013 as an inspection subcontractor. Over the years, GTI has expanded its capabilities and services and has formed a private limited company in 2016 known as Group Technical Inspection (GTI) Sdn Bhd.
Today, GTI stand as one of the independent third party inspection companies in Malaysia providing various of services in Inspection, Testing (NDT), Training and Consultancy.
In 2016, GTI has formed a partnership company with C&P Srl, Italy to provide statutory inspection services in Malaysia as DOSH Inspecting Authority (4th Schedule) for Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Pipeline and Hoisting Machine equipment’s.

our partner

C & P operates throughout Italy and abroad , offering a wide range of inspection and certification services for boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, accessories and fittings. C & P is a PED Notified Body and has been credited by DOSH Malaysia Inspecting Authority under FMA 4th Schedule and also MOM Singapore Inspection Body.


ASME Process for Accreditation
C & P srl can guide you in the path for obtaining the “Certificate of Authorization” and the STAMP of your interest. From the preparation of Application for Certification and its shipment to the Manual of Quality Control, from the verification of NDE procedures to the support during the implementation of demonstrative sample, from the verification of welding procedures to that of welders.


Certification Quality Management Systems
In 2016 C & P has obtained ‘accreditation according to ISO 17021: 2011 for the sectors EA 17 “Metals & Products Metal” & EA 18 “Machinery and equipment” for which provides an assessment and certification of the Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001.


Inspection and certification PED
In 2012, C & P has been accredited according to ISO 17065 as an Undertaking for pressure equipment certification according to PED for Product Evaluation Modules A2, B, C2, F and G, for Evaluation Modules D Quality System , D1, E, E1, H, H1 and for the approval of the methods and the personnel performing permanent joints for pressure equipment in categories II, III and IV (Annex 3.2.1).


Italian Agency Approved
On December 2, 2013 C & P Srl obtained the MOM Accreditation issued by the Ministry of Manpower as the first Italian agency authorized to conduct inspections and certify pressure equipment to be placed on the Singapore market.

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