May 11, 2017

Training & Consultancy

Providing Insight like no other

Training & Consultancy Services

Equip your team with the vital training or consultancy they need to remain at the top of their
profession. GTI able to support our Customer’s in qualifying their people or organization
through our various of training programs such as:

  • Welding
  • NDT
  • Design Calculation
  • In Service Inspection (API 510 / 570 / 653 / API 579 FFS / 580 RBI)
  • DOSH FMA Regulation (Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Hoisting Machine)



GTI is able to provide consultancy services in quality and safety, regulatory and technical
matter and providing insight like no other

  • Preparation Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
  • Welder Qualification Test (WQT) comply with various construction code
  • Selection of right material, consumable, welding process, etc
  • NDT, PWHT or Mechanical Test
  • DOSH Competent Firm Consultancy i.e. UPV / Boiler Manufacturer, Repairer, Gas Pipeline, etc